Tuesday, March 9, 2010

An Amazing Year!!

Okay so I finally started my Blog page!! Lots of you have been waiting for this, I get asked all the time,"Where is your blog page? & When are you putting it up?" Well here it is and here you go....

I am just a girl, living my life for Christ. I love my family and my friends with the deepest parts of my heart. I wish everyone on Earth the chance to meet Jesus. Not only has He has changed my life in the most amazing way, He has given me life. I love my husband, really he is my best friend and I am so excited for the person that he is and... I get to spend the rest of my life with him. We have a BEAUTIFUL daughter, her name is Makayla she is 5 yrs old and smart beyond her years. She is an absolute joy to our lives! My days are better because of her. We also have a son, His name is Noah James and he just turned 1, and he is ALL boy! Wow what a difference from first having a dainty girl to a monkey of a boy!

It has been a whirl wind of excitement in 2009 strolling into 2010! I have had a beautiful baby boy, started a Paper Cake Company that very quickly got noticed by the ENTIRE world!! Including Brides Magazine, YAY!! Through all of this I have met some very amazing people, reconnected with some good old friends, learned really fast how to network and have really found my place in life and made a name for myself! WHOOP WHOOP! Thank you to everyone who has supported me along this journey that has been a dream come true!! 

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  1. Not sure if you are approving your comments! BUT, just wanted to say.... I love it! :)